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Allan Webb is a leading supplier of technical writing, technical translation, technical illustrating and integrated logistic support services to government and industry clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Our unrivalled track record spanning nearly 50 years, providing a unique mix of document translation and related services, which make us a first choice supplier to many organisations. Industry experience includes defence, aerospace, maritime, IT, naval, offshore, power generation, utilities, transport, medical, financial and local government

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Allan Webb and TLS join forces to create the Obsolescence Management Partnership.

Delegates at the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) members meeting, held in October at the RNLI College, Poole, were briefed on the new joint venture between the two heavyweights of the industry, Allan Webb Ltd and Through Life Support Ltd (TLS).

With approximately 22,000 components discontinued annually worldwide, according to industry sources and Government agencies, obsolescence is a significant cost driver and can impact equipment, systems or products at all stages of the acquisition process and through life. Early identification of obsolescence risk allows a wider range of options to be considered and consequently reduces the actual cost of resolution and through life costs.
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Technical Documentation
Our technical documentation department writes operation, maintenance and training instructions for any type of system, equipment or product. The department provides a variety of technical writing services, creating different types of documents from multi-lingual product manuals for consumer durables to Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) for military equipment. The department can augment clients’ existing in-house resources or deliver a fully outsourced, turnkey product. The team of technical writers hold a range of engineering and authoring qualifications and come from a wide range of professions such as engineering, IT, maintenance or the military. The technical authoring department is also supported by a team of technical illustrators who produces technical illustrations and graphics, either as part of a documentation project or standalone illustration task.

Technical Translation
We specialise in human technical translation of information such as brochures, manuals, reports and specifications where accuracy can be critical to safety or commercial success. Using mother tongue translators, over 150 languages including all European, Russian, Chinese and Japanese can be translated. The translation is performed by a linguist with experience in the subject matter i.e. medical, automotive etc, the final proof reading is then performed by a different translator, also experienced in that section of the market.

NATO Codification
Allan Webb have over 50 years experience in cleansing data in accordance with the NATO Codification System. The NATO Codification System (NCS) is the biggest, the best and most comprehensive codification and cataloguing system in the world. 54 countries are members of the NCS and the data contained in its 16 million NATO Stock Numbers. We are regularly selected to manage the NATO Codification process on capital projects around the world in LAND, SEA and AIR environments. NATO Codification services include; management, data collection, screening, and through life management of NATO Stock Numbers.

Parts Data Management
Our Parts Data Management services are used by organisations who have a large inventory of parts such as marine, naval and offshore. This service includes data collection, cleansing, de-duplicating and cataloguing. Allan Webb also uses the information collected to assist clients’ procurement departments in purchasing thousands of items on their behalf.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
We can provide complete ILS support service from writing the ILS response at the bid stage to management and delivery after contract award. We are one of the few ILS service providers who have an internal capability to produce critical deliverables which include technical documentation, training, a safety case and NATO codification.

Document Management
Our bureau scanning service specialises in the conversion of high volume hardcopy documents to electronic format. Through the document scanning division, we are a leading document management bureau servicing clients throughout the UK and Europe. The bureau scans paper, microfilm and microfiche records to save space, to increase accessibility and/or to automatically capture printed data.
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Defence Industry standards
we work to:

ASD S1000D Services

ASD S2000M Material Management

DAvP70 Digital Air Publications

AESP 0100- series - Army Equipment Support Publications system

MIL STD 3001 - Standard Practice, Preparation of Digital Technical Information for Multi-Output Presentation of Technical Manuals

MIL-DTL-81927C - Manuals, Technical: Work Package Style, Format, and Common Technical Content Requirements; General Specification for (Work Package Concept)

MIL-STD-38784 -  Standard Practice for Manuals, Technical; General Style and Format Requirements

Def Stan 02-40 Royal Navy Books of Reference

Def Stan 00-56 Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems

Def Stan 00-60 Integrated Logistic Support

Def Stan 00-600 Integrated Logistic Support

JSP 543(D) Defence Technical Documentation

JSP 886 Defence Logistics Support Chain Manual

ISO 8000 Quality Standards
for Data and Information

ISO 22745 Industrial Automation Systems and Integration

MIL-STD-1388 Integrated Logistic Support

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