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Course Overview 

The course delivers an overview of the ASD / AIA S Series Specifications. The course will enable the learner to describe the contents of the S Series, where it would be applied and the benefits of using the S Series of Specifications. The course explores the aspects of Supportability that the S Series covers including Integrated Product Support, Product Support Analysis, Material Management and Training and explores the data management of these aspects of product support management. 

Delivery Options

Open Public Classroom Course: 5 Days

On-site: 5 Days

Is This Course For Me?

This course is applicable to both public and private sector personnel involved in delivering supportability.  It is applicable to service delivery managers, project managers, equipment support managers, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) engineers, technical through life support managers, commercial and contract managers.

Course Outline

The ASD / AIA S Series of Specifications are a joint transatlantic undertaking that provides a common framework for the delivery of Logistic Support Elements, including and focusing on the management and analysis of technical data, publications, maintenance, support feedback, and training. 

This training course will provide all learners an overview of the main S Series specifications and the transversal specifications that relate to them, to enable an understanding of the application and interrelationships of the standards. Each session will focus on one element of the S Series and will also explore each of the interrelationships for the specifications. 

A case study will be provided to all learners for this course and will become central to the delivery for exercises throughout the sessions. All sessions will have an element of interactivity and discussion, applying the learning using the case study.

Session One

The S Series – What is it and why would I need it for developing and implementing Support?

This session will introduce the S Series, application of the S Series and how it has been developed and managed.

The SX Series of Transversal Data Input Specifications

Session one will also discuss the use of the SX series as transversal specifications for input data and how they relate to the S Series. The learners begin by exploring the use of SX1000i as part of the series of specifications, and the benefits of using SX000i to guide the Support Programme.

Session Two

S1000D. The International Specification for Technical Publications using a Common Source Database.

Session two will focus on S1000D and the application of the Specification for Technical Documentation as part of the Supportability programme. We will discuss the benefits and interoperability and potential for integration with other areas of the specification. 
As part of this session S1000X, Input data specification for S1000D will also be introduced and discussed.

Session Three

S2000M. The International Specification for Material Management. Integrated Data Processing.

This session will provide an overview of the content and the application of the S2000M Specification and the transversal S2000X, Input data specification for S2000M.  The interoperability and potential for data sharing and integration will be discussed, and explored as part of the Case Study Exercise.

Session Four

S3000L. International Specification for Logistic Support Analysis (Product Support Analysis)

One of the cornerstones of any Supportability Programme will be the application of support analysis to ensure that the product meets all supportability requirements, and is safe and effective for use. This session will provide an overview of the S3000L and associated S3000X, Input data specification for S3000L. We will discuss on how S3000L can be tailored and applied to any product, culminating with application to our case study as a group discussion.

Session Five

S4000P. International Specification for Developing and Continuously Improving Preventative Maintenance.

S4000P and the associated Input data specification for S4000P, S4000X provide a framework for the planning, tailoring and application of activities and analytical process for the development and application of maintenance activities for a given product. The Standard focuses on two elements, the development of maintenance tasks, and the continuous improvement of preventative product maintenance. 

This session will explore the content of the Specification, how it may be applied to a product and interoperability with other areas of Support and the Specification Suite.

Session Six

S5000F. The International Specification for In-Service Feedback

In Service Feedback is often seen as an unnecessary task, or as burdensome, yet it can be an excellent source of information to enable support decisions, to reduce the burden on the user and to develop support or engineering efficiencies from.  This session provides an overview of S5000F, its application through life and the potential uses of the data that can be gathered. 

The Case Study exercise will develop further to explore the potential applications of this specification to a support solution and the potential benefits of the application.

Session Seven

S6000T. The International Specification for Training Analysis and Design.

Training of some kind is almost always inevitable for any new product, whether it is a handbook, a youtube video, or a physical training course, to ensure the safe and effective use of most products some kind of instruction or training will be required. This session will explore S6000T and the associated S6000X, the Input data specification for S6000T. We will discuss and explore the content of the specification and how this might be applied to a product.

Session Eight

Exercise and ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English 

In Session 8 we will discuss the associated ASD-STE100 and the application of Simplified Technical English to products. The aim of Simplfied Technical English is to ensure that common understanding of technical and project aspects is applied to all of our product development. We will briefly explore the specification during this session. A follow on exercise will be conducted to consolidate the learning to date, using the case study.

Session Nine

The Benefits of the S Series.

Following a recap of the main points of the S Series of Specifications and a run through of the Case Study to date, Session 9 will be based around a led discussion on tailoring of the S Series  to projects, the benefits of the S Series, the application to product delivery and how they can influence supportability.

Session Ten

Wash Up and Q&A

To complete the week we will conduct a recap of the topics and host an open question session. 

Course Locations:

Open Public Classroom Course
Allan Webb’s Public Classroom Courses are delivered at the Delta by Marriott, Cheltenham Chase, Shurdington Road, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4PB.

If required, and where student numbers justify doing so, the course can be tailored to a specific organisation or industry (whilst retaining all the core elements) and conducted at an individual company’s premises.

Virtual Classroom
Our online courses are hosted using our Webex Training Platform.


Classroom Course: £1,500 + VAT

On-site: Priced on Request

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