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Course Overview 

The IIOM Certificate training course is based upon the IIOM Framework which provides the context for education, training and experience requirements at each grade of IIOM membership. This course is designed for those who are looking to attain Associate IIOM (AIIOM) level.

Delivery Options

Classroom Course: 4 Days

On-site: 4 Days

Online Webinar: 8 x Half Day Sessions

Is This Course For Me?

This course is specifically designed to provide the student with a high level of understanding of Obsolescence Management in preparation for the two–part assessment that they will undertake on completion of the course. The 50 minute short-answer exam is taken during the final session of the course. Students subsequently produce a post course project which is submitted four weeks after course completion. Both assessments must be passed for the student to achieve Associate Level with the International Institution of Obsolescence Management.

For those looking to simply obtain an overview of Obsolescence Management, we do offer a One Day Awareness Course. 

Alternatively, if you are interested in level of detail goes into, but not in completing the assessment, our Practioner Course may be better suited to you.

IIOM endorsed Obsolescence management training awareness courses certificate


Course Outline

This course is specifically designed to provide a student with a high level understanding of Obsolescence Management knowledge, understanding and practice in order that they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the topic that they are prepared for the Associate IIOM examination. The course includes the Associate IIOM examination which the student will be expected to sit on completion of the instructional elements of the course.

The course will explore the origins of obsolescence and what continues to drive the need for managing obsolescence risk. It will discuss the relevant International, NATO and British Standards and the corporate Obsolescence Management policies that have been published by major organisations.

The course will show how to understand the future cost of resolving obsolescence issues, the implications of ignoring the obsolescence risk and will also give practical experience of Obsolescence Management. We will look in detail at the elements of an Obsolescence Management Strategy and an Obsolescence Management Plan using workshops and syndicate exercises. Other subjects covered include contractual issues, legislation and what tools are available. We will cover the main factors that affect obsolescence risk and the methods of mitigating this risk and resolving obsolescence issues.

Course Assessment

The course assessment will comprise of the following:

  • An Exam
  • A Course Project

The student must pass both of the above to be awarded an IIOM Certificate.

The Exam
The IIOM Certificate exam is a 50 minutes, invigilated examination, delivered at the end of the course. 
The exam is ‘open book’, which means that printed reference materials, technology and dictionaries can be used for reference. 
It comprises 60 multiple-choice questions in 5 compulsory modules.  To pass the exam, the students will be assessed on the basis of achieving an overall score of 80% in each of the five modules

Exam Modules
Obsolescence Management Certificate Exam
OMA1 – Principles of Obsolescence Management
OMA2 – Obsolescence Management Policy, Strategy & Planning 
OMA3 – Obsolescence Contracting, Performance, Cost Modelling 
OMA4 – Obsolescence Risk – assessment, mitigation and resolution 
OMA5 – Obsolescence Management Plan 

Course Project
A course project will also be required to be completed by students prior to an IIOM Certificate being awarded.
The course project will focus on the development of an Obsolescence Management Pan (OMP).
During the course, there is a group project that will allow the students to explore and identify the main elements which comprise a compliant OMP against IEC62402 and many customer policies.
The Course Project will further expand on this learning and will require each student to develop a mock OMP based upon a fictitious project scenario that is developed by the OMA.
Each student will have to develop a mock OMP that covers all the main elements of a proactive OM capability.   
A timescale of four weeks will be given to complete and return the Course Project.

Course Locations:

Allan Webb’s Public Courses are delivered at the Delta by Marriott, Cheltenham Chase,
Shurdington Road, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4PB.

If required, and where student numbers justify doing so, the course can be tailored to a specific organisation or industry (whilst retaining all the core elements) and conducted at an individual company’s premises.

Online Classroom
Our online courses are hosted using our Webex Training Platform.


Classroom Course: £1,150 + VAT

Online Webinar: £945 + VAT

On-site: Priced on Request

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