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Course Overview

This e-Learning will allow participants to gain an understanding of the management of the support process throughout the life of a product or project.

The course will take between 3 hrs and 4 hrs in duration depending on the students existing knowledge and background.

Delivery Options:

Online e-Learning Platform

Is this course for me?

This course is for Technical specialists/Managers and team members who have a need to have a high-level understanding of what the Supportability elements are, why they are important and the importance of integration during design and development.

For a deeper exploraration of ILS, please refer to the following course:

ILS and Supportability Engineering Management

Course Outline

After completing this course you will have an end to end understanding of ILS/PLS as a function.

You will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of ILS - why it is done, what it achieves and who delivers it where and when.
  • Understand what is the governance of ILS/PSA and why it is needed.
  • Know which standards relate to these processes.
  • Have an overview of the ILS Elements.
  • Understand the interfaces with and between ILS/PLS.
  • Understand the need for configuration, software and safety.
  • Understand the requirement for the timely application of ILS/PLS elements at crucial project phases.
  • Understand the difference in Design for Support and Support the Design.
  • Understand and recognise the need for Supplier Management in ILS/PLS.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities that may be needed for ILS/PLS, including specialist skills.

Course Locations:

e-Learning Platform
This course will take place on our Learning Management System (LMS). Students will be provided access to this site upon payment. 


e-Learning: £95 + VAT

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