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What is Obsolescence Management?

Obsolescence Management (OM) is a structured process designed to influence the design, use and disposal of an asset. The term ‘asset’, in this regard, means any product, system or platform an organisation has designed to fulfil a purpose.

Obsolescence is a significant cost driver

Early identification of obsolescence risk allows consideration of a broader range of options and, consequently, reduces the actual cost of resolution.

Significant downtime may occur while a new approved source or alternative solution is sought, which may incur significant cost. This can include the requalification or testing of replacement items where necessary. What do you do if a replacement for the failed part is no longer available, can no longer be satisfactorily supported or is no longer procurable from approved sources?

Significant and expensive downtime can occur while a new approved source, or an alternative solution, is sought which may need to be re-qualified and tested before use.

Mitigate risk with our obsolescence management services which include:

  • Supply Chain Management Assessment
  • Strategy, Plans and Process
  • Asset Availability
  • Asset Through Life Risk Analysis
  • Asset Case Resolution
  • Cost Avoidance & Prediction Analysis
  • OM & Counterfeit Training


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DiamondOM Asset Management Tool

DiamondOM is a fully integrated solution for the effective management of obsolescence, accessible via a web based interface and hosted on a secure server which is accessed over the internet. 

DiamondOM is tailored to provide a complete proactive obsolescence management environment with a wide range of supportability services that can be used to augment an existing OM capability to enable real-time asset availability and support solution demands in support of making informed decision making.

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