Through our obsolescence management services, we seek to empower our customers with the confidence to support their systems through life.  

Relevant Industries

  • Obsolescence management training for the aerospace industry from Allan Webb


  • Obsolescence management for the communication industry, Allan Webb


  • Obsolescence management for the defence industry, Allan Webb


Driving Cost Efficiency

Obsolescence is a significant cost driver and can impact products and equipment at all stages of the acquisition process. With systems expected to last longer in service, and the lifespan of electronic components shortening, we understand how difficult it is to support equipment without experiencing unexpected costs, downtime or unavailability of components.

Our obsolescence monitoring and risk management services arm you with the foresight you need to manage item availability and make informed decisions on how best to mitigate and solve risks at minimal cost. We can help you shape and implement a range of obsolescence management documents, including plans, policies and strategies.

We can also provide briefings and training to all organisational levels so that key stakeholders are aware of and understand the goals and impacts of your obsolescence management policy.

Whether it’s supporting a bid or existing project, our obsolescence management consultants are on hand to develop a unique solution for you. To find out more, contact our team to discuss your requirements.


DiamondOM Obsolescence Management Tool

DiamondOM is a fully integrated solution for the effective management of obsolescence. To find out more, click the logo below.


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With an unrivalled record of accomplishment, we provide a range of supportability, technical documentation, obsolescence management and data intelligence services across a range of industries.

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