Data Intelligence is not just about the tools we develop and use to conduct Data Analytics, but about the intellect we apply through our network of Subject Matter Experts within the company.

Relevant Industries

  • Data intelligence and analytics services for the defence industry, Allan Webb


  • Data intelligence and analytics services for the rail industry, Allan Webb


  • Data intelligence and analytics services for the energy industry, Allan Webb


The Life Blood of Any Support Solution

We foster an ethos of innovation with bespoke, programmable solutions that are developed with the customer at heart.

The correct balance of intelligent tools and people allow us to be both efficient with the upmost levels of quality providing insights that you can trust to make important decisions. Our Data Intelligence team can map together vast quantities of data, identifying key links between the datasets in order to provide a complete picture of the data and a single point of truth. In doing this weak points, data gaps, and configuration issues can be highlighted and fixed before further issues develop.

Our consultancy network can guide you through this process and ensure you understand the results and how the data impacts on your business and operations, even providing training for best practice in controlling and maintaining a quality and configured data set going forward.

The ability to create the complete picture of the data gives the opportunity for that data to be utilised for additional specific tasking such as obsolescence management and supply chain modelling.

Helping you take control of, and better understand your data can reduce cost, improve productivity and ensures the right equipment and parts are there exactly where and when you need them. With our data intelligence services at the core of our delivery, we provide solutions that are bespoke to your needs. We bring together support as the DNA of any solution. Through tailored requirements, we create a single source of truth, which can be relied upon to make informed decisions.

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