NATO Codification is the global language of logistics, used by over 60 nations worldwide. We can help you codify your inventory, working with you to implement international standards and guaranteeing visibility within the global supply chain.

Relevant Industries

  • NATO Codification for the defence industry, Allan Webb


Improving Your Inventory

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution – instead, we work with you to determine what’s needed, providing data screening services, source data acquisition, source data assessment and training. We employ a number of NATO Codification experts, who were previously involved in developing strategy, policy and training at the UK National Codification Bureau (UKNCB).

The benefits of codification

  • A robust classification system can deliver valuable results to any industry by cataloguing inventory and providing the following benefits:
  • Identifying and removing duplicate items, reducing the cost and time associated with storing unnecessary items
  • Ensuring the correct item of supply by having a unique identifier applicable to the fit, form and function
  • Having visibility of procurement channels and supply chain ensuring parts can be obtained when they are needed
  • Ensuring existing descriptive data is recorded in a standard and searchable format

We provide training for all levels of users of the NATO Codification System from one-day awareness courses through to expert courses. To find out more, visit our training page or fill out the form below.


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With an unrivalled record of accomplishment, we provide a range of supportability, technical documentation, obsolescence management and data intelligence services across a range of industries.

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