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International Codification Training Success


Ian Smith, Training Manager for Allan Webb along with Codification SME Darren Iles has recently finished delivering a Codification Training Programme for the Indonesian Power Company, PLN. The training took place in Indonesia comprising of a Basic Codification Course, 3 months distance learning module and a week-long Advanced Codifiers Training which culminated in a final exam. 21 students attended the training which overall has been a great success for everyone involved.

Ian Smith said: ‘These brilliant results mark the end of a hard and lengthy training programme. Congratulations to all who attended and thanks for the great opportunity to see Indonesia.’

This training formed an integral part of a pilot project AWL are involved in which introduces NATO Codification to the inventory management within the plant.

Allan Webb offer training in a variety of systems and processes such as NATO Codification and Obsolescence Management across a number of mediums, tailoring delivery methods to suit customer requirements.

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Allan Webb Celebrates Reserves Day & Continues To Support Serving Employees


The 27th June marks Armed Forces Day, a chance to show support for our forces and all the work they do. Ahead of that, on Wednesday 24th June, is Reserves Day, celebrating the work and dedication of those who serve in the armed forces in their spare time.

Allan Webb Ltd has regularly given support to Army Reservist Staff Sgt. Darren Iles of Royal Wessex Yeomanry. He has worked for Allan Webb Ltd for 12 years and has been in the Army Reserve for 22 years. The skills he has gained in the Reserves have proved very useful, and he will shortly be sent to Indonesia as part of a large team to help deliver a key contract and train the first batch of Indonesian codifiers.

Making up approximately a sixth of the Armed forces, the Reserve Forces are essential to our nation’s security, both at home and overseas. Reservists are currently supporting operations worldwide, in Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and as part of the UK’s effort to counter Ebola in Sierra Leone.

For Reserves Day, Reservists wear their uniform in their civilian life.

“Allan Webb is proud to support our forces,” explained Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb. “We know how important our armed forces are, so we make every effort to support the Reservists working in our organisation. Having a Reservist in uniform working amongst us brings home the importance of some of the work we do and puts a face to the people we’re working for.”

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Packed for the journey


The UK MoD Packaging Authority requires that all companies who design, supply and pack material entering the Joint Supply Chain (JSC) do so to an acceptable standard. The Military Packagers Approval Scheme (MPAS) is designed to ensure that standard.

Introduced in June 2012 and based on Def. Stan 81-41 Pt 1-6, any companies who supply material to the UK MOD must ensure their packaging complies with MPAS standards. The scheme is audited as part of a company’s ISO 9001 certification. Only MPAS Certified Designers can submit a Special Packaging Instruction Sheet (SPIS) design to be used within the JSC.

To achieve MPAS certification, a comprehensive training programme must be undertaken. The training consists of two courses:


A series of Computer Based Training Modules providing a base knowledge of Def. Stan 81-41 and the SPIS design process.


A four day bespoke or in-house classroom based course that measures the delegate’s ability to design a SPIS for a variety of items in accordance with Def. Stan 81-41.

On completion of both Practitioner and Expert, a portfolio of work is presented to the UK MOD Packaging Authority for consideration of an MPAS certificate award.

Allan Webb Ltd is the approved UK MOD Provider for MPAS Certification Training. For more details or to book a course, log on to:

For more information on any of our training courses, please contact:

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Download the first issue of our in-house magazine ‘Adapt’ here.


The first issue of our in-house magazine, ‘Adapt’ is available to download here. You can also read it online here.

coverAdapt is our new magazine that explores the Allan Webb world. In this issue:

– Codification PLUS
– MPAS Training
– Applying Military Precision To Commercial Operations
– VERITAS Truly Delivers Results
– The Perfect Match: ABBYY & Allan Webb
– Helping Drive Efficiency Savings Within Operational Support
– Keeping The Foxhound In Action
– Training Programmes
– Type-B Bespoke Database

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