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Introducing the Obsolescence Management Academy


Through Life Support Ltd (TLS) has created the Obsolescence Management Academy (OMA) to develop and deliver all of its Obsolescence Management training. The intention is to develop the OMA as the centre of excellence for Obsolescence Management training, keeping abreast of emerging developments and ensuring that the training content accurately reflects the needs of Obsolescence Management practitioners.

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) has announced the detail of the first phase of its Continual Professional Development (CPD) initiative, and the OMA are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as ‘endorsed trainers’ for the Associate level training.

Consequently, the OMA are pleased to announce their next two Obsolescence Management Training Courses:

Three Day Practitioner Course – 30th October to 1st November 2017, Bristol, UK

This course is designed to provide the delegate with an in depth knowledge of Obsolescence Management.

It is designed for those who are about to embark on an Obsolescence Management strategy, or those who require more detailed information on what an Obsolescence Manager needs to know and what duties they should be performing.


IIOM Certificate in Obsolescence Management (IIOM Associate Grade) – 30th October to 2nd November 2017, Bristol, UK

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) Certificate training course is based upon the IIOM Framework which provides the context for education, training and experience requirements at each grade of IIOM membership. This 4-day IIOM authorised course is designed for those who are looking to attain Associate IIOM (AIIOM) level.


Which Course is right for you?

The above courses will run concurrently.

If a delegate does not require an endorsed IIOM Certificate, they should attend the three-day course.

A certificate of attendance will be issued by the OMA as evidence of the three-day course completion.

For those who are embarking on professional development under the IIOM scheme, an additional fourth day is required.  On this fourth day, the delegate will undertake additional training modules, take an exam and embark upon a project that requires to be completed and delivered after the course.

Upon successful completion of all four days (with associated exam and project), the delegate will receive an IIOM Certificate at Associate Grade.

We hope you find the above training courses of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us at should you wish to discuss any aspect of these courses in more detail or visit the following websites:


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World Codification Forum 2017 Gold Sponsors


Allan Webb are pleased to announce Gold Sponsorship of the World Codification Forum to be held in Melbourne on 23rd to 25th May 2017.

As the continued leading UK provider of NATO Codification services, AW will be demonstrating utilisation and expertise in the NATO Codification system with Managing Director, Steve Rigsby giving a speech on recent projects, innovation and particularly how Allan Webb use codification as the basis for Data Cleansing and Mapping and the outcomes this has achieved.

Ian Smith, with over 17 years’ experience in NATO Codification will be providing a workshop on Data Mapping as well as building on Steve’s speech. This will be valuable to anyone looking to improve on data integrity and efficiency or to gain an understanding of what exactly makes ‘good data’ and effective system linkages.

Also in attendance and providing a workshop will be Stuart Kelly, the Managing Director of ‘Through Life Support’, Allan Webb’s specialist Obsolescence Management business unit. Stuart has been providing Obsolescence Management support around the world for over 30 years and is currently President of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management and is a visiting Fellow at Cranfield University. In addition to this, Stuart has most recently spent several years as the UK MOD Subject Matter Expert and Policy owner for Obsolescence Management, for which he received commendations and awards for his development of this discipline.

There will be some other friendly faces in the audience and around the exhibition hall also. Allan Webb have worked closely with the Czech Republic based AURA on several projects, most notably having recently partnered with them to deliver training on their MC CATALOGUE Codification software as part of their successful contract with the Australian NCB. One of our partners from the recent Indonesian Power codification project, ESG, will also be attending the event as an exhibitor.
Managing Director, Steve Rigsby said: ‘We are delighted to be part of this years’ event, and as Gold Sponsors we look forward to demonstrating our capabilities in codification that we have been developing and optimising since the start of the business in 1960. The NATO Codification System is the basis of much of the work that we do and we have been successful in providing accurate data services and promoting a good practice and healthy, accurate data that customers can have confidence in.’

The theme of this year’s event is “Connecting Global Logistics through Technology”, a theme that is at the heart of Allan Webb’s core business and provides added value in all of the services the company offer. Allan Webb has been providing codification services for over 50 years and has received praise for high standards in quality and efficiency providing vital support to programmes worldwide across a number of industries.

The Forum will host delegates from 63 countries and concentrate on improving the quality of supplier data, greater interconnectivity between all partners, opportunity for suppliers and consumers and ultimately better material identification by those involved in the Logistics Chain.

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Allan Webb Acquires Majority Stakeholding in Through Life Support Ltd


Allan Webb Ltd and Through Life Support Ltd (TLS) are happy to announce that Allan Webb Ltd has acquired a majority stakeholding in TLS. The synergies between the two companies will enable us to provide a comprehensive support offering to our customers across all sectors.

Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb says, ‘We are all really pleased with this agreement. The new arrangement will allow us to combine competences and capabilities, enriching and adding value to our overall offering. TLS’s speciality in Obsolescence Management, complements Allan Webb’s parts and data management capability perfectly, and feeds in well to the other services we provide.’

Stuart Kelly, Managing Director of TLS said, ‘This is an important milestone in the continued growth of TLS. Combining TLS services with those offered by Allan Webb gives TLS increased capacity and capability to offer to our existing and new customers. TLS’s pro-active Obsolescence Management process and tools expertise is now complemented by the Allan Webb proven capability in data management, codification and logistics support, allowing TLS to offer a more complete solution. TLS will benefit from exposure to the increased market place and customer base that Allan Webb operates in.’

Both TLS and AW look forward to working together to continue delivery of our quality service to our customers

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Allan Webb and AURA Launch Joint Codification Venture


Technical publications and NATO codification specialists Allan Webb are launching a joint venture with codification software developers AURA, to provide a comprehensive codification, procurement and inventory management service to clients based in the UK and internationally.

Allan Webb’s codification service currently consists of their Codification PLUS programme, a 12 stage support service that manages clients navigation of the NATO codification process. With more than 50 years of experience in the codification market, they are among the most experienced providers of codification services in the world.

When paired with Allan Webb’s other support services, such as inventory or obsolescence management, Allan Webb provides a single source for all NATO suppliers parts data management and procurement requirements.

AURA offer state of the art, NATO Codification System compatible software which is deployed in over 14 countries. Their software is designed to simplify codification, increasing efficiency and reducing costs on both sides: National Codification Bureaus and industry. The joint venture allows both companies to offer a comprehensive service where Allan Webb’s codification team can carry out everything from screening to maintenance, ensuring the data entered into AURA’s MC CATALOGUE software is designed to be as efficient as possible, minimising your organisations costs.

“The partnership opens a lot of doors for both of our client bases” explains Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb. “We’re always working to make sure we’re offering the best data management on the market and we’re excited to be able to add AURA’s software to our portfolio of services, which already includes a comprehensive range of ILS and parts data management as well as technical publications authoring and complementary services such as document scanning”.

“The partnership allows AURA to increase the range of services provided in many countries world-wide” said Filip Engelsmann, the General Director of AURA. “During last 26 years, AURA always offered high level quality services in the area of military logistics and NATO codification to government departments and to defence industry. Allan Webb’s rich experience in the codification area will allow us to provide wider range and bigger scope of services related to data management, codification and training along with our Military Logistics Information System ISL, world leading codification software MC CATALOGUE, and IS STAN – a document/content management system (DMS/CMS) for defence standardisation”.

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Type B Bespoke Database


Over the past 24 months Allan Webb Ltd has been involved in the conversion of three ‘Type C’ supported vessels into ‘Type B’ supported ships.

This involved the identification and/or allocation of over 17,000 NSNs (NATO Stock Numbers) and the production of over 850 individual Spare Gear Lists. This requirement has arisen from the recently granted extension to the life periods of these ships. The ships involved are: RFA Diligence – her role is to provide forward repair and maintenance facilities to ships and submarines operating away from their home ports, which makes her unique in the UK armed forces. Currently her life span has been increased to 2020.

RFA Fort Austin – classed as an Auxiliary Fleet Support (Helicopter) and designed to carry a wide range of stores to support other ships, she also has extensive aviation facilities, with two flight decks and hangar space for up to four Sea Kings. Currently her life span has been increased to 2023.
RFA Fort Rosalie – the sister ship to RFA Fort Austin and with the same capabilities. Currently her life span has been increased to 2024.
The allocation and identification of NSNs will reduce support costs for these vessels as, instead of procuring spares individually for each vessel, they will now have a range of common spares identified. Previously, spares for items which were already codified could not be identified by the ships, so these items would have been purchased irrespectively of what was already held within the Naval inventory.

Allan Webb has developed, in-house, a Type B Database, covering all Type B supported vessels (seafaring vessels ranging from 3m in length to RFA vessels and ships). The database holds spare gear list information for all equipment fitted on Type B vessels, ships and boats. This is a live database, viewable and editable, allowing us to see progress on each individual task. We can check on progress at any point, from which operator has the task, to when it is quality checked, right up until the parts are dispatched. The database, which we started developing two years ago, is still being refined. It creates interactive electronic publications, showing the full history of equipment amendment, which is critical for full ship configuration management.

For further information and support on this type of project, contact Iain Laws at

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