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Allan Webb Launches Strong Box DMS


Strong Box Document Management Solutions are dedicated to making your business as efficient as possible.

Allan Webb has recently launched Strong Box, who’s scalable solutions can be tailored to any size business and are effective at reducing, speeding up or even completely eliminating the paperwork that distracts your employees and your business. Strong Box come into your organisation, appraise your existing system and build a solution around you. They take all your documents; emails, invoices, proposals, even scanning and digitising existing paper archives, and store them securely in a system that can be accessed quickly and easily by any of your employees, from anywhere in the world.

Legal requirements such as retention schedules are handled automatically in a secure and legally compliant way by tamper-free digital archives. Format issues are irrelevant, access all your files, in any format, on any computer or handheld device. All your existing third-party applications and configurations are integrated into the new system. You can even access archived files without leaving your third party applications.

Strong Box can provide worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with a single click. Indexes designed around your existing filing system mean finding files is intuitive and simple. Strong Box even provide training for your staff to ensure total familiarity with the new system. Digital archives not only provide immediate access to whatever files you need, they save space and provide a greener alternative to a paper-based filing system, allowing your business to be environmentally conscious while becoming more efficient.

With a document management solution from Strong Box, even hand-written notes, manufacturing measurements, drawings and contracts are digitised and filed away. Automatically indexed so that they can be found with the rest of their projects relevant files, Strong Box makes it easy to store all kinds of documents. Technical documentation and product specifications are analysed and stored so that you can even perform fulltext searches, meaning you can find all the documentation that you need even if you only have a part number.

A PC or handheld device with any web browser is enough to have worldwide access the central document pool; you don’t even need to have a Strong Box client installed. You can research a customer’s history or a support case all within documents that might be stored by the accounting, production, quality assurance or sales departments. You can immediately view all the files you are looking for, no matter the format or source. This means you are always equipped with the latest data and can respond to customers, clients, suppliers or investors on the spot.

Strong Box reduces paperwork, makes your business more efficient and provides tools that future-proof your company. Contact them today on 0800 197 2804 or at to book a free Document Management Consultation where we’ll audit your existing document management system and design a bespoke solution tailored to your business.

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The first issue of our in-house magazine, ‘Adapt’ is available to download here. You can also read it online here.

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