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Allan Webb secure up to £9 million contract for MOD


Parts Data Management and Technical Publications specialist, Allan Webb, is pleased to announce the final signing of a new contract with the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The Handbook Management Contract (HMC), worth up to £9 million, will be delivered over the next four years in conjunction with BMT Defence Services Ltd, who are subject matter experts in naval engineering, naval architecture and technical documentation. Allan Webb will be providing documentation for a range of naval vessels, from submarines and destroyers to survey ships.

“The HMC contract is a massive win for us” commented Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb “We’ve been expanding rapidly over the last 18 months, taking on new staff and buildings to accommodate our growth. This contract is the latest in a series of successful tenders that are cementing Allan Webb as the leading provider of data management services.”

“Allan Webb have a wide range of specialisms, from technical documentation to integrated logistics support, it’s great to win contracts that use more than one of our specialisms and utilise the full breadth of the services we offer.”

The contract supports the maintenance, revision and amendment of maritime technical publications across the surface and submarine domains, and involves the development of a centralised service for the maintenance, storage, access, publication, distribution and amendment of the entire suite of the UK MOD’s maritime technical publications.

“We’re looking forward to working in partnership with BMT Defence Services Ltd” continued Steve “As one of the few external organisations to be named by the MOD as a Delegated Naval Authority, they’re an exciting partner to collaborate with on this contract.”

BMT is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. Driven by the belief that things can always be better, safer, faster and more efficient, they bring a wealth of subject matter expertise to the delivery of this contract. Muir Macdonald, Managing Director of BMT Defence Services comments: “BMT has been a key supplier of technical documentation to the MOD for many years.  We are delighted to be working with Allan Webb to offer a fantastic combination of experience and expertise that I am sure will give the MOD a service that will set an impressive new standard for maritime technical publications.”

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Allan Webb and AURA Launch Joint Codification Venture


Technical publications and NATO codification specialists Allan Webb are launching a joint venture with codification software developers AURA, to provide a comprehensive codification, procurement and inventory management service to clients based in the UK and internationally.

Allan Webb’s codification service currently consists of their Codification PLUS programme, a 12 stage support service that manages clients navigation of the NATO codification process. With more than 50 years of experience in the codification market, they are among the most experienced providers of codification services in the world.

When paired with Allan Webb’s other support services, such as inventory or obsolescence management, Allan Webb provides a single source for all NATO suppliers parts data management and procurement requirements.

AURA offer state of the art, NATO Codification System compatible software which is deployed in over 14 countries. Their software is designed to simplify codification, increasing efficiency and reducing costs on both sides: National Codification Bureaus and industry. The joint venture allows both companies to offer a comprehensive service where Allan Webb’s codification team can carry out everything from screening to maintenance, ensuring the data entered into AURA’s MC CATALOGUE software is designed to be as efficient as possible, minimising your organisations costs.

“The partnership opens a lot of doors for both of our client bases” explains Steve Rigsby, Managing Director of Allan Webb. “We’re always working to make sure we’re offering the best data management on the market and we’re excited to be able to add AURA’s software to our portfolio of services, which already includes a comprehensive range of ILS and parts data management as well as technical publications authoring and complementary services such as document scanning”.

“The partnership allows AURA to increase the range of services provided in many countries world-wide” said Filip Engelsmann, the General Director of AURA. “During last 26 years, AURA always offered high level quality services in the area of military logistics and NATO codification to government departments and to defence industry. Allan Webb’s rich experience in the codification area will allow us to provide wider range and bigger scope of services related to data management, codification and training along with our Military Logistics Information System ISL, world leading codification software MC CATALOGUE, and IS STAN – a document/content management system (DMS/CMS) for defence standardisation”.

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Allan Webb Launches Strong Box DMS


Strong Box Document Management Solutions are dedicated to making your business as efficient as possible.

Allan Webb has recently launched Strong Box, who’s scalable solutions can be tailored to any size business and are effective at reducing, speeding up or even completely eliminating the paperwork that distracts your employees and your business. Strong Box come into your organisation, appraise your existing system and build a solution around you. They take all your documents; emails, invoices, proposals, even scanning and digitising existing paper archives, and store them securely in a system that can be accessed quickly and easily by any of your employees, from anywhere in the world.

Legal requirements such as retention schedules are handled automatically in a secure and legally compliant way by tamper-free digital archives. Format issues are irrelevant, access all your files, in any format, on any computer or handheld device. All your existing third-party applications and configurations are integrated into the new system. You can even access archived files without leaving your third party applications.

Strong Box can provide worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with a single click. Indexes designed around your existing filing system mean finding files is intuitive and simple. Strong Box even provide training for your staff to ensure total familiarity with the new system. Digital archives not only provide immediate access to whatever files you need, they save space and provide a greener alternative to a paper-based filing system, allowing your business to be environmentally conscious while becoming more efficient.

With a document management solution from Strong Box, even hand-written notes, manufacturing measurements, drawings and contracts are digitised and filed away. Automatically indexed so that they can be found with the rest of their projects relevant files, Strong Box makes it easy to store all kinds of documents. Technical documentation and product specifications are analysed and stored so that you can even perform fulltext searches, meaning you can find all the documentation that you need even if you only have a part number.

A PC or handheld device with any web browser is enough to have worldwide access the central document pool; you don’t even need to have a Strong Box client installed. You can research a customer’s history or a support case all within documents that might be stored by the accounting, production, quality assurance or sales departments. You can immediately view all the files you are looking for, no matter the format or source. This means you are always equipped with the latest data and can respond to customers, clients, suppliers or investors on the spot.

Strong Box reduces paperwork, makes your business more efficient and provides tools that future-proof your company. Contact them today on 0800 197 2804 or at to book a free Document Management Consultation where we’ll audit your existing document management system and design a bespoke solution tailored to your business.

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Download the first issue of our in-house magazine ‘Adapt’ here.


The first issue of our in-house magazine, ‘Adapt’ is available to download here. You can also read it online here.

coverAdapt is our new magazine that explores the Allan Webb world. In this issue:

– Codification PLUS
– MPAS Training
– Applying Military Precision To Commercial Operations
– VERITAS Truly Delivers Results
– The Perfect Match: ABBYY & Allan Webb
– Helping Drive Efficiency Savings Within Operational Support
– Keeping The Foxhound In Action
– Training Programmes
– Type-B Bespoke Database

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Allan Webb and TLS join forces to create the Obsolescence Management Partnership.


Delegates at the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) members meeting, held in October at the RNLI College, Poole, were briefed on the new joint venture between the two heavyweights of the industry, Allan Webb Ltd and Through Life Support Ltd (TLS).

With approximately 22,000 components discontinued annually worldwide, according to industry sources and Government agencies, obsolescence is a significant cost driver and can impact equipment, systems or products at all stages of the acquisition process and through life. Early identification of obsolescence risk allows a wider range of options to be considered and consequently reduces the actual cost of resolution and through life costs.

As Steven Rigsby, MD of Allan Webb, explains: “We are delighted to be working with TLS in what is the perfect partnership. Allan Webb brings to the table vast experience in the Bill of Material (BOM) Data Cleansing requirement and TLS complement that perfectly, with huge experience in Obsolescence Management. This partnership allows our customers to truly have, at their fingertips, a one stop shop for the full spectrum of requirements in Through Life Support for their equipment. Allan Webb has always had an excellent reputation for NATO Codification and Data Cleansing services. With the addition of TLS, we will now be able to provide all the support required to set up and deliver an Obsolescence Management framework, comprising of policy, plans, processes, tools and contractual guidance, in addition to comprehensive training programmes.”

Stuart Kelly, Managing Director of TLS, added: “The COG member conference was the perfect place to launch this joint partnership. We very much look forward to bringing our considerable skill sets to bear on all industries’ inventory management needs and we sincerely believe that this partnership will help the UK stay at the forefront of Obsolescence Management.”

To find out more about how this new partnership could help increase the life of your products and systems, contact Lorraine Biggs at Allan Webb:

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