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Defence Industry standards
we work to:

ASD S1000D Services

ASD S2000M Material Management

DAvP70 Digital Air Publications

AESP 0100- series - Army Equipment Support Publications system

MIL STD 3001 - Standard Practice, Preparation of Digital Technical Information for Multi-Output Presentation of Technical Manuals

MIL-DTL-81927C - Manuals, Technical: Work Package Style, Format, and Common Technical Content Requirements; General Specification for (Work Package Concept)

MIL-STD-38784 -  Standard Practice for Manuals, Technical; General Style and Format Requirements

Def Stan 02-40 Royal Navy Books of Reference

Def Stan 00-56 Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems

Def Stan 00-60 Integrated Logistic Support

Def Stan 00-600 Integrated Logistic Support

JSP 543(D) Defence Technical Documentation

JSP 886 Defence Logistics Support Chain Manual

ISO 8000 Quality Standards
for Data and Information

ISO 22745 Industrial Automation Systems and Integration

MIL-STD-1388 Integrated Logistic Support

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